Though our congregation is passionate about many ministries, we gather together for weekly worship and we hope that all people will feel welcome and comfortable.

Our church building has ample parking and the building is fully accessible with an elevator to all levels.  First time guests are encouraged to park in the lot at the corner of Church and Clinton streets and enter at the canopied entrance.  We hope that you will be greeted warmly at the doors, but if you arrive at a time before or after the greeters, please come on in and we will welcome you to fellowship, learn and worship with us!

Currently we have two adult Sunday school classes which begin at 9:00am on the upper level and worship begins at 10:15am.  There is coffee and food throughout the morning beginning at 8:45am and it runs continuously until worship begins.  We especially encourage worshipers to gather in the rear of the sanctuary from 10-10:15am for fellowship between Sunday school and worship.  Here are a few things about our Sunday morning worship service:

  • Worship tends to be traditional but we consistently work to keep our worship fresh by infusing it with new music and spontaneity.
  • Children are welcome: we love the sound of children and we welcome them in our worship space.
  • Ushers are available to assist any worshiper at anytime.  If you require any assistance before service, please just ask.  During service if you find yourself needing assistance you may move to the rear of the sanctuary and an usher will come to you.  If you are unable to leave your seat, please ask a neighbor to get help for you you or motion to an usher.
  • The worship leaders will enter the sanctuary during the prelude.  This is a time for worshipers to listen to the music and prepare themselves for worship through prayer or reflection.
  • Worshipers receive a bulletin so that they know what will happen next in worship, can know about the worship leaders and receive announcements.
  • The service will be shown on a screen as well as a printed out Bulletin.
  • Communion is open to all people.  United Methodists believe that God’s table is open to all people (and all means all).  Doesn’t matter if you belong to a different tradition or, even, religion.  Doesn’t matter if you are struggling in faith or carrying a whole lot of baggage with you to the altar rail…all are welcome to feast with God.
  • Baptism is an entrance into the Christian faith, but this congregation also celebrates God’s claim on our lives through occasional services of reaffirming our baptism.  We touch the water and experience God’s love.  All (baptized or not) are welcome to take part in this service, as well.
  • At the conclusion of worship the pastor and other worship leaders will remain in the rear of the sanctuary for conversation.