Collinsville First United Methodist Church is looking toward the future.  We are a congregation that desires new connections with our community and we welcome all people into our midst.

Collinsville First is already at work in this community in many ways.  We are in ministry with Webster Elementary School, local food programs, poverty ministries, and we have a special history and relationship with Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House in East Saint Louis.

This vibrant congregation is concerned for the larger world beyond Collinsville and the metro area.  We are part of the United Methodist Church and actively battle hunger, disease, and poverty around the world. Wells have been dug, Malaria has nearly been overcome, children have been fed, families have received micro-loans, fair trade has been established, and communities have received animals and crops to build lasting economies.

The people of Collinsville First have a long history of loving music and we invest in vital worship.  We hope that you will come to worship and stay for the community as we engage with the world, love one another and celebrate God in-our-midst!