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Message from Pastor Mike

Cancelled!!!Seems as if every time I turn around, something else is cancelled. A pastor friend of mine shared this message […]

Our New Pastor | Rev. Mike Barclay

A message from Rev. Mike Barclay who will begin as the pastor of First United Methodist Church on July 1: […]


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Music by Rusty Downs To Brighten your day.

It is Well With My Soul
It is Well With My Soul (Piano)
How Great Thou Art
Amazing Grace

Message from Pastor Mike

Seems as if every time I turn around, something else is cancelled. A pastor friend of mine shared this message which I think is soooo good —

Conversations will not be cancelled
Relationships will not be cancelled
Love will not be cancelled
Songs will not be cancelled
Self-care will not be cancelled
HOPE will not be cancelled
COMPASSION will not be cancelled. 
And the love of Jesus Christ will not be cancelled!

Life goes on, whether in quarantine or out in the open. So too, the eternal love of God lives on within each of us. “Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I think it important that we continue to communicate with God through prayer, every day, and especially in these times. We will include weekly, our prayer concerns and prayer emphasis. I’ll also occasionally include a specific for protection and other areas. 
This prayer comes from UM pastor Dr. Terry Teykl:
Our world can be a dangerous place at times. From time to time, a harmful disease will appear, as now with the COVID-19 virus. Other times, our broken and fallen world acts out in irrational ways. Some people may pull a gun on other innocent people, our roads may be perilous for various reasons, and the enemy attacks us. Jesus said, “The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.” John 10:10 Therefore, it is important that we pray for protection, claiming the promises of scripture for guardianship.

Now how about a little laugh for you from Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins!
God bless and keep you!Pastor Mike

Favorite Hymns

Sue A. is collecting your favorite hymns and carols for the season so that she can play the congregation’s favorite songs before and during services in December.  You can share them below, give them to Sue, or drop them in the office:

EMS Men’s Breakfast

All men of the church and their guests are invited to meet for breakfast at Denny’s  on Ramada Blvd. in Collinsville on Saturday, at 0800 am for  sharing food and fellowship.  Date TBD

Lunch Bunch

All are welcome to meet the “bunch” on  TBD  for lunch at 12 pm.  If you haven’t tried their menu, you are missing out, so give your taste buds a treat and plan to join in!

Book Club

This month’s Book Club is scheduled for Saturday, at 10:30am, with the book. The group meets in the Church Parlor – please come and join in the discussion.   Date to be determined.

Church Conference | TBD

We will hold our annual Church Conference on with our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Rose Booker-Jones.  This conference is for all members of the church to set the budget, confirm our lay leadership, and it is a time to share joys and concerns with our District Superintendent (let her know how things are going).  Please come out for this important evening.

Help Needed by Trustees |

Our contractor will start installing the new heating and cooling system in Wesley Hall on September 18.  In preparation we need to remove the old healing/cooling units plus some of the ceiling tiles.

We need help making this project affordable by completing these tasks in advance of Viviano’s work.  We will begin removing the heating cooling units on September 11 at 9am.  Then, on September 13 we will begin moving the ceiling tiles at 9am.  We are asking for anyone that would be available and willing to help with any phase of this demolition / preparation.  Please sign up on the form below, contact the church office by email or phone or speak with Ross Abbott or Tom McArthur.

Those helping are encouraged to bring small hand tools.  We will need:  3/8″ drive sockets and screw drivers.

Counting & Deposit Schedule | August 2017

Tues, Aug. 8 – Jan Williams & Karen Sparks
Sun, Aug 13 – Sue Abbott & Jennifer Newton
Sun Aug 20 – Janis Robertson & Kay Holthaus
Sun, Aug 27 – Chuck Hillman & kay Holthaus

Mon, Aug 7 – Barb Buxton
Mon, Aug 14 – Judy Beasley
Mon, Aug 21 – Tom McArthur
Mon, Aug 28 – Tom McArthur